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Who is Naim

Naim consists of two musical dynamos; Imke, who takes care of the lead vocals and plays the keyboard, and Nanda who plays percussion and guitar. Imke and Nanda’s passion is music, music and again music, which shows because every musical project they embark upon becomes a success, and there are numerous ideas for projects still waiting to be explored.

Their musical activities can be divided into two categories:

They perform as a duo at all kinds of occasions, see “Naim live”.

They record their own music in the studio, the result of which are CDs with a totally unique character, see “Discography” and listen to some samples.

Both Imke and Nanda have a long track record in the musical field, they each played in several bands and have performed throughout Europe. Imke performed with the Imke van Oosten Quartet at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, and in Dutch theatres with the program ‘Driemaal Vocaal!’, and made the CD ‘Life talks’. The mainstream Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf wrote about her: ‘Surprisingly good’ and ‘A new Dutch talent that needs to be cherished'.

Since Imke and Nanda decided in 2000 to dive into the studio as a musical duo, this cooperation has led to several successful projects, amongst which live performances and their own CDs .