Hollandse versie

English version


Naim’s latest CD “Apologize” consists purely of their own songs with English and Dutch lyrics, and has been published under their own control. The music, the lyrics and arrangements have all been written by Imke and Nanda and it shows. The atmosphere is very personal and the lyrics are poetic but true to life. The songs range from a mysterious ballad about love comparing it to the freedom of a sea gull (‘Zeemeeuw’) to a relaxing dance-song in which the theme is the pressure society puts on people to be uniform and not be behave differently (‘Apologize’).

Imke optimally uses the enormous potential of her voice; one moment it is silky soft, the next she is able to produce sounds from the depths of her soul, and at the right moments Nanda complements her with a second voice that brings out the harmonies even more.

Open je ogen
Samen op weg
In de stilte
You and your flower
The love of me and you
Fight for you

High wire
Black coffee
Life talks
Teach me tonight
Once you’ve been in love
I’m old fashioned
Nature boy
Day by day
You don’t know what love is
Too close for comfort